Prepared or Unprepared? - Guidlines

Building a Custom Home

  1. Don't obesses over every detail with your archetect. This can be costly to you and time consuming. Focus your communication with your archetiect on use of space and size of rooms. Visit open houses, gather floor plans from homes where you prefer room sizes, especially secondary rooms, such as kids rooms, bathrooms and utility rooms. Be specific, give minimum acceptable room sizes to your archetect.
  2. Spend money and time gathering home design magazines; focus on rooms and details, one at a time. Spend an hour cutting out only fireplaces and mantels, quickly select what appeals to you. Once you are done, analyze why you cut them out, look at the details, is there a hearth, is it raised or flush with the floor, etc? Do this for everything that is important, matter how mundane; kitchen, pantry, bathrooms, floorboards, flooring, ceiling detail, windows type, hardware and even utility rooms.

Ahhhhhhh..........Excited or Nervous

I tend to worry and fret over EVERY decision.........as I see paint choices and other details being installed............I am feeling very calm and accomplished.

We are at week 45 and things are coming along. It is very exciting. I am working on a "Checklist" for people who are considering hiring custom home builder. Things I wish I would have known before the process started, look for that post soon.