Chandelier or Art?

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Where do I put this Chandelier in my new home. I bought this chandelier 2 years ago because I thought is was great one of the most interesting pieces I have ever seen. It is a Droog Design, by Rody Graumans titled '85 Bulbs. It weighs 55 pounds. My husband hates it and I love it. In our old home it hung in the stairwell. That house does not exist anymore, we are building on our lot. (I loved that old house).

Hung in the old house. Notice the white exposed ball. I am not sure if this is supposed to be installed in the ceiling or left exposed. Any ideas or information on hanging this in the new house?

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Since you asked! Its really difficult to get a feel for this via your pics. It appears to be super modern, Maybe to modern for your new home? Anyways looks like it should possibly be installed with the white ball at the ceiling, not sure looks like you have a long chain attached? I'm sure this picture doesn't do it justice. This could work as lighting in the entry of new home? Can't wait to see what you do.