NIghtmare or Dream?

Wow has it really been a year since I sat down and wrote an update: I intended to faithfully write weekly and was very excited to do this. I can remember the first time I received a comment, I was a scared to respond and never did. Little did I know the nightmare ahead.........

Our house is finished but not fully decorated. That is my next project: to decorate the house. Things you must know to understand the lack of interest and quite frankly my lack of enthusiasm for the whole project for the last year ( I call it the NIGHTMARE).

January 2009 - found out our Builder would barely be able to finish the project.
February 2009 - Financial Market in extreme downturn - Banks not very friendly regarding converting construction loans to mortgages. House appraises for $350K less than originally thought.
March 2009 - Move in, Builder files bankruptcy and leaves subs unpaid in the six figure amount.
April 2009 - Need lots of Cash and Aspirin and the occasional large ( Very Large) glass of wine.
May 2009 - Construction loan due - hired attorney, cleared liens after large amount of cash is spent.
June 2009 - No money left for decorating.

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